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JST Power Equipment

JST is more than a manufacturer - we are a solutions innovator at the cutting edge of transformer technology. We continually work to create products with higher efficiencies and lower costs. Each year we make substantial investments in the research and development of new products and manufacturing techniques. We regularly innovate on behalf of our customers, collaborating with them to find solutions to their specific challenges.


Highest quality products

JST is a world-class supplier of medium transformer products and electrical equipment. Since our founding in 1993, we have achieved phenomenal growth while maintaining unsurpassed quality.


Founded in 1993, JST is one of the world's largest producers of cast resin transformers and related electrical equipment.


We manufacture medium voltage transformers (1kV-35 kV) used in large infrastructure projects such as commercial and industrial real estate development, municipal projects such as airports and subway systems, as well as factories and processing plants.


We received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification early on for our quality and environmental management systems. In addition, we have implemented the APQP-4 Wind quality standard as part of our commitment to renewable energy.


Our cast resin transformers are certified and listed against the UL 1562 standard by UL and ETL for applications in the US and we have KEMA certification against the IEC standards for Europe.

Our Facilities

lake mary

Lake Mary, Florida Facility  


Nogales, Mexico Facility 

Wuhan Facility

Wuhan, China Facility  

Shanghai facility

Shanghai, China Facility  


Haikou, China Facility 

Guilin facility

Guilin, China Facility 


JST was established by three entrepreneurial engineers as the first privately owned transformer company in China. The company started by manufacturing cast epoxy resin transformers which was the specialty of one of the founding principles who was trained in the European technology. JST was the first Chinese company to be traded on the AMEX stock exchange. This gave US and international investors a safe vehicle to capitalize on the unprecedented growth in China. During this period JST was able to maintain a CAGR of better than 30% for over a ten-year span, while constantly investing, expanding capacity, and opening new facilities.  

China became the largest market in the world for cast resin transformers resulting from the change in building codes and JST was able to emerge as the predominate supplier. JST became a global supplier of cast epoxy resin transformers with capabilities second to none and expanded their international footprint as well by establishing manufacturing facilities in the US and in Mexico and this international expansion is a trend that is expected to continue.  

As the JST brand started to proliferate, many customers encouraged JST to develop other lines of equipment as they became accustomed to the high level of quality, service, and value provided by JST products. This started with JST becoming an integrator of equipment used in conjunction with their transformers, eventually evolving to initiating product lines of other equipment and recruiting some of the top technical talent in the industry to develop this equipment.

Haikou China Facility

New, intelligent factory scheduled to open in 2021.

Haikou Digital Factory (Sketch)
  • 1993

    Founded in city of Haikou, one of the 5 special economic zones (SEZ’s) in China

  • 1997

    ISO 9001 certification for Quality management system.

  • 1998

    JST launches IPO traded on AMEX.

  • 2000

    ISO 14001 certification for Environmental management system.

  • 2004

    Awarded best new supply by GE.

  • 2007

    Achieved UL product listing to UL 1562

  • 2008

    JST opens new facility in Wuhan to serve local market.

  • 2009

    JST Opens new 25k sq. ft facility in Carlstadt, NJ.

  • 2009

    JST opens Shanghai operation.

  • 2012

    JST moves from AMEX to NASDAQ stock exchange.

  • 2013

    JST breaks ground to build modern state of the art factory in Guilin.

  • 2016

    JST executes stock buyback and regains status as private company.

  • 2019

    JST opens 60k sq. ft operation in Nogales Mexico to serve North America.

  • 2020

    JST moves US operation from Carlstadt. NJ to Lake Mary, FL.