JST in Demanding Environments

Cast Epoxy Resin Transformers are extremely well suited for operating in harsh environments; as a world leading supplier of cast coil transformers it’s no wonder that JST has deployed products in some of the most demanding environments.


JST’s Commitment to Sustainable Renewable Energy

With over a decade of experience in supplying products as a qualified supplier to major OEM’s who have pioneered the Renewable Energy Industry, JST has kept pace with this fast moving industry through continuous innovation thereby supplying products on the most modern platforms to date.


JST on Powering the Future

JST is the one company who has served as a leader in the world’s largest market for cast resin transforms and has emerged as a premier supplier in a unique position to supply the global demand for electrical power equipment.


JST in Transportation

As modern transportation systems become more dependent on Electrical energy JST has become an integral part in the electrification of these systems.

Industries We Serve

Renewable Energy

In recent history we have seen the renewable energy industry experience tremendous growth being fueled by subsidies to help promote clean energy.  Presently the industry continues to grow as a mature industry less dependent on subsidies.  JST has grown with the industry suppling cost-effective products, transformers, line reactors, and medium voltage switch gear, helping major OEM’s producing wind and solar platforms shape the industry and keep the promise of a bright future.

Municipal Infrastructure

As many Public Works projects associated with urban development link the need for clean, safe, and reliable power solutions to the benefits provided by cast epoxy resin transformers, JST’s presence becomes more prevalent in municipal infrastructure throughout the world.  Applications include municipal buildings, schools and colleges, hospitals, water supply and treatment, sewage treatment, and transportation infrastructure.

Industrial Processing Plants

Factories, foundries, mills, and processing plants are environments that see their share of airborne contaminates. Coupled with safety considerations for the employees that work in these environments, Cast Epoxy Resin transformers are offended specified into industrial power systems  when considering their positive attributes; safe, reliable, with the ability to operate in harsh environments, and  easy to maintain. JST products find their home in many such industrial applications.

Commercial Infrastructure

The level of sophistication in modern infrastructure has culminated to a point where a diverse range of venues with open public access can draw large crowds of people for shopping, business, entertainment, and or lodging.  Power equipment used in these venues needs to be environmentally friendly, safe, and unobtrusive. JST products are deployed in many of these privately owned and operated facilities where the general public is allowed to move about freely in a safe, clean environment.

Rail Transport Systems

Immunity against dust and ability to handle additional harmonic loading resulting for DC rectification makes cast resin transformers well suited for subway systems and similar rail electrification applications. In addition, many of these applications have stringent thermal shock requirements as well as demanding overloads requirements during peak hours further supporting the need for cast coil transforms. This is way it is no surprise to see JST equipment deployed in subway systems, electrification for cable car, trolleys, and other above ground rails systems through out the world.

Data Centers

Electricity costs can be the dominate operating expense for most large data centers. Per the US Department of Energy some data centers have power densities more than 100 times that of a typical office building due to the power demand from the IT equipment and needed cooling systems. Not only is there a high demand for power, it is considered to be mission critical resulting in designed in redundancy and backup power systems. Efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance are the cornerstone of the requirements needed for data centers and why JST has served this industry with clean, space saving, reliable cast epoxy resin transformers.

JST Power Equipment

More than a Manufacturer

We’re a solutions innovator at the cutting edge of transformer technology. We continually work to create products with higher efficiencies and lower costs.

Each year we make substantial investments in the research and development of new products and manufacturing techniques. We regularly innovate on behalf of our customers, collaborating with them to find solutions to their specific challenges.


Our Products

JST Power Equipment is a premier supplier of medium voltage Cast Epoxy Resin transforms that also offers VPI magnetics and medium voltage switch gear products all manufactured to the same high-quality standards our customers have come to expect.

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