Transportation Systems

Modern transportation systems give rise to many applications well suited for cast resin transformers, so it is no surprise that JST tends to be found in various transportation systems around the world. Transportation hubs, largescale airports, rail and subway systems combine to provide a set of applications where JST equipment is deployed. 

Rail electrification systems are considered to be one of the more demanding application for transformers which is often why cast epoxy resin transformers are called upon to meet these demanding requirements. Power handling is especially critical, and these transformers need to be robust enough to handle the harmonics created by DC power rectification and well as the overloads which can occur during peak hours. 

Major international airports as well as large transportation hubs are host to large numbers of the public and often very crowded. Public access for this type of venue yields an environment commensurate with the purpose that led to the development of cast epoxy transforms: a high performing, environmentally friendly, and safe transformer, and which also plays into the strengths of JST.