Renewable Energy

As the industry trends towards larger capacity platforms while tightening efficiency requirements, JST has kept pace by offering products with larger power ratings and meeting the ECO efficiency standards in Europe and DOE standards in the USA. These products include the main step up transformer tied to the grid, auxiliary transformers for systems power, medium voltage switch gear, and line reactors for the converters in these systems. 

JST has qualified with the major OEM’s producing wind and solar platforms that have helped shape the industry and continues to be specified on the latest platforms as they grow in output capacity.  Most importantly, JST has, and continues to undertake innovative value engineering efforts as the industry matures and subsidies wanes, leaving LCOE to be the largest factor in determining what type of platform would be used. As a stakeholder in the renewable energy industry JST is committed in their part of making in making renewable energy a viable form of energy for powering the future. Further testament to this is that fact that JST uses renewable energy as a source of energy in  their factories.