Medium Voltage Switchgear


JST Power Equipment offers a wide range of medium voltage switchgear options suitable for supporting customers in industrial, commercial, and utility installations involving generators, motors, feeder circuits, transmission, and distribution lines. The portfolio includes solutions for secondary and primary distribution.

Why JST?

  • premiere customer service
  • detailed engineering and technical support
  • products designed to meet/exceed ANSI requirements and standards
  • short lead times
  • fast response
  • substation package

Air Insulated Switchgear -AIS

JST J100Clad™

Medium-voltage switchgear has been designed and tested as per C37.20.2-2015 and C37.55-2020 featuring galvanized construction, modular design, and hem bending techniques.  JST’s Air-Insulated switchgear provides safe, reliable switching and fault protection.

J100Clad has been designed for applications that are rated for up to 15kV, 3000A, 50kA; it is a cost-effective and innovative switchgear solution available.


  • Fully compliant to IEEE C37.20.2-2015 and C37.55-2020 for metal-clad switchgear construction
  • 36” wide, 95” deep (w/doors), 96” tall frame
  • UL certified
  • Modular design and construction
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Two-high construction
  • Top and bottom cable or bus duct entry
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities
  • PT/Fuse compartment closed door racking
  • Closed door racking
  • Front accessible circuit breaker operating mechanism for ease of maintenance
  • Uses the latest developments in vacuum interrupter technology
  • 10,000 operations to overhaul
  • Three-cycle interrupting time (optional)


  • Built in Racking Mechanism
    • Built into cubicle vs on truck
    • Allows for easy addition of electric racking solution
    • Easier replacement or movement of breakers
  • TOC Switch Aux Contacts
    • 8/16 pole contacts
    • Positive Pole indication
    • Better control
  • Tilt out CPT/PT Truck

Value Basis

  • Longer Life/higher reliability
    • Removes failure points from truck assembly
    • Upgrades are easy to retrofit
    • Enables phase indications
  • Higher up times for your customers
    • System design flexibility
  • Safer & easier inspection leads to lower maintenance costs and improved personnel safety.