Field Service

JST further heightens the positive experience of using their high-quality products by offering field support services. JST takes pride in their ability to provide after sales service,support and the high level of customer satisfaction that results. Some of the field services provide include:

  • Assistance with installation and commissioning
  • Field testing
  • Field repairs and retrofitting
  • Installation of replacement parts

JST’s dedicated after sales service team of highly trained and experienced technicians have the capabilities to address our customer’s service needs with services ranging from obtaining parts to providing onsite field service. 

In addition, JST has fully trained sub-contractors located at various locations on a worldwide basis.  We have successfully developed and implemented procedures that allow our technicians to work in a multitude of environments and will comply with any requirements to obtain certain permits or licenses as  needed. Whether the onsite service is taking place in a warehouse or a confined space, our service technicians will be able to perform the most common services usually consisting of routine maintenance, inspection, test, repair and clean up.  For years, our service team has been delivering exceptional service to meet customer demands for timely service and high-quality parts.

Why You Should Choose JST For Field Servicing

We are responsive:

Getting a quote and booking a service call can normally be completed within 24 hours of receiving your initial request.  For emergency onsite service, our team can normally be deployed within 24 hours, and reach your site within 48 hours from the first call.

We stand by our service estimates and quotations:

We offer transparent pricing and provide estimates prior to the onset of any service project. Unless we informed you in the original estimate a possibility exists for additional cost to be discovered once the project is underway, you will never be notified during a service project of additional cost. If JST underestimated time and material, JST will take the full responsibility and no extra cost will be charged for the service project.

Warranty on repairs:

For warranty repairs on new products, once service repair is completed and certified by JST engineering, the original product warranty will continue just as it was prior to the repair. For out of warranty repairs with respect to the original product warranty, we offer a service warranty to stand by our work, craftsmanship, and parts used during the service call.

If you have questions about our field services, fill out our contact form or call us at 844-635-0636.