Powering the Future

Never has the need for safe, efficient, electrical energy been greater than it is today. Our world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history. This massive expansion coupled with the ever-increasing demand for electrical energy has led to closer proximity of power distribution equipment to the points of consumption. With the prevalence of urban sprawl and cities becoming more densely populated, electrical energy must be distributed safely and efficiently with the least amount of environmental impact. With that end in mind, cast epoxy resin transformers are widely chosen for deployed in these densely populated areas.  Emerging as the dominate supplier in the worlds largest market for cast epoxy resin transformers, JST has expanded their capabilities suppling transforms on a global basis as well as developing and providing more complex electrical equipment including switch gear, unit substations, and other integrated assemblies. 

As our world trends toward more sophisticated infrastructure with an ever-increasing population so will the demand for safe reliable electric energy.  Not only will the heavier demands placed on our distribution network require equipment to work more efficiently but it must do so in a safe manner with the least impact to our environment. As electric power distribution becomes closer to where we live and work, JST is in the best position to deliver better products enabling us to maintain a better environment while supplying the most value for their customers and benefits to those for which the products serve.