Testing & Final Assembly

Final assembly is where everything comes together and JST suffers with no shortage of the right equipment and skilled production staff to apply to these very important final stages of manufacturing. It is in the final assembly stage that many of the custom features are added, as configurations and accessories vary by customer request.

JST has set up an extremely efficient assembly line for marrying coils to cores.  Fully equipped work bays are linked by a rail system with a mobile carrier achieving a high degree of factory mobility and significantly reducing the time needed for moving heavy objects from station to station. Better factory throughput, and a flexible manufacturing line yields better lead times without sacrificing any desired customization

Advance test facilities at JST confirm the strict adherence to the intended requirements and verify that the transformers are ready to ship. JST products are thoroughly tested to the prescribed set of tests as specified by the applicable industry standards or custom test programs uniquely defined by the customer’s specification.

With the exception of short-circuit testing1, JST has the in-house capability to perform all design and routine tests as dictated by the regional test standards:  IEEE/ANSI, IEC, CSA and other international standards.

JST understands the regional differences around the world and can adapt to the appropriate standards. Test equipment is modern, accurate and automated. Strict attention is given to equipment maintenance and maintaining the calibration in line with our ISO 9001 procedures. All test engineers are fully versed in the regional test standards on a worldwide basis and can adapt to the appropriate standard.

Testing is facilitated from a control room with a master test console. An auxiliary control room also exists to increase throughput at times of peak demand. Most often Short Circuit testing is omitted as a design test requirement provided that test data on a similar unit is provided.