Metal Fabrication & Finishing

Transformer enclosures are frequently the items which require the greatest degree of customization and the metal fabrication and finishing line at JST is more than up to the challenge. With some of the most modern CNC equipment available in place at the factory, the possibilities for custom enclosure designs remain limitless.

CNC Equipment for Metal Fabrication & Finishing

The CNC equipment is used for punching, shearing and forming to fabricate enclosure panels, bus work and other components. In addition to the CNC equipment, JST has a fully equipped machining and welding center to perform all operations needed to completely fabricate enclosure components without using outside services. Upon completion of the machining stages, JST will provide the necessary finishes in a dedicated area with baths used for pickling. An extremely durable finish is applied by our electrostatic paint shop.

Enclosure panels are superbly finished with an electro-static powder paint process yielding a tough durable finish unsurpassed by other application methods.