Coil Winding

JST uses only the highest purity extrusions to fabricate the wire used in coil winding. In turn the wire is wrapped with a special grade of insulating material that will ensure a void free casting. Imperfections are not tolerated as a possible outcome in either the wire fabrication or wrapping process and the appropriate controls are put in place to ensure these results.

Equality important are the controls placed on purchased material in cases where the winding conducting material is purchased.  Only the highest grades of material are utilized and diligently checked and inspected.  These controls are but a few in a sea of many when it comes to JST’s manufacturing process.

Stolberg winding equipment is used for fabricating the primary and secondary coils prior to casting. This equipment uses a microprocessor controller to ensure proper tension and winding speed during the winding process for both wire and sheet windings.

HV Coil winding is performed by highly trained crafts people equipped with the best machinery allowing a high degree of control in the processes to achieve perfection and winding uniformity.

In many cases the high current windings of the LV coil use a sheet conductor, such as the copper sheet shown here. Proper tension is maintained as the sheet conductor is fed into the winding mandrill.