Casting Services

Stringent controls, in place during the casting process, are extremely critical to ensuring uniformity and integrity in the final cast coil structure. JST uses the most modern equipment available to achieve a perfect casting.

Our Casting Process

We use Hubbers casting chambers, regarded as the best in the industry. Like much of the equipment used in the JST manufacturing process. embedded micro controllers allow for computer control of the critical parameter for the specific process, in this case casting. Each winding is fitted to a mold which is then loaded into the casting chamber. Oil diffusion pumps create the necessary vacuum inside the casting chamber, to rid the casting of any trapped gases as the molds are filled with the epoxy resin mixture.

While much of the industry uses a dynamic or a batch missing process, JST utilizes a static mixing process where the epoxy resin and hardener are mixed in the injection head as they are being poured into the molds. Static mixing allows better control over viscosity during casting and better uniformity when curing, resulting in castings that are void-free with greater structural integrity. While the equipment deployed to do this is more costly the benefits realized are another way JST provides more value for their customers.