Demanding Environments

Many factories and processing plants receive their power at a discount, directly from the higher voltage lines, and set up their own unit substations to distribute electrical energy throughout the plant. Depending on the type of plant, many of these environments can be very demanding for the for the electrical equipment operating in these environments. Airborne contaminates composed of chemicals and particulate matter can often collect on the surfaces of the equipment and denigrate performance. 

JST’s line of cast epoxy resin transformers stands up well in some of the toughest environments as the transformer windings are protected and sealed in a rigid impervious structure, that is easily cleaned helping to extend the life well beyond other transformer types operating is similar environments. JST cast coil transformers find their home in such applications as large-scale steel mills, paper mills, polysilicon foundries, wastewater treatment plants, and plants producing household consumer goods and cleaning agents. The surroundings associated with traction duty rectifier transformers in municipal subway systems can also suffer from and abundance of dust and debris placing additional demands on transformer performance. Many of the world’s largest cities utilize JST traction duty transformers  in their subway systems.